Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Persuasive Writing Part 2: Published Work!

'Tis the season blog world! I am going to jump right into the good stuff this evening, and share with you the PUBLISHED WORK!!

(If you're interested in reading PART 1 of our "Persuasive Writing Unit", which contains a freebie, the set up and mini-lesson, click HERE to check out that blog post. If you're interested in grabbing the pack you see in these blog posts, click HERE! Or the picture below!)

Before we published, we did a quick mini-lesson on topic sentences/main ideas:

Here are closeups: 

Then, I used THIS incredible and FREE resource on transition words from the awesome Tracee Orman, to brush up on our transition word skills.

We then drafted, conferenced, and moved right into publishing: 

...and VOILA!

Do you love this guys' mustache?

They turned out adorable and my kids are super proud of their work hanging on the wall!  My students loved these so much, I may bring the prompts back out and allow a "fun write" day with them since we are in school until the 21st. I'd love to hear about your fun holiday plans! Thanks for reading!


The Wild Rumpus said...

These are adorable, and thank you for the resource from Tracee Orman!

YoungTeacherLove said...

Thanks! Isn't that resource great? I'm so happy I found it, and it's free!

Emily Liscom said...

hahah! "Research shows if you grow a beard, you look older!" This made my night!!!!!

Educating to the Core

YoungTeacherLove said...

I about died reading all of them! Aren't they hilarious!

lisamichelle75 said...

DO you have any tips on how to manage the conference part of writer's workshop? What are the other kids busy doing? Also, how long would you say this project took? Thank you so much, I absolutely adore your blog!

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