Sunday, November 25, 2012

This just in: SALE TODAY!

Who are we kidding?! I sat on my butt all Thanksgiving break and have not started my lesson planning for the December blitz! Am I crazy or what? Can anyone else relate?

For those of you scrambling to plan for the week, I thought I would extend my sale into today too! Check out my store for 20% off through the rest of the day today!!


Kristine White said...

Oh, I can relate! Where did the time go? I don't feel like I was lazy over break, but I surely didn't get anything school related accomplished! YIKES! Guess I know where I'll be spending the majority of my Sunday!

Happy planning!

Kristen said...

I laughed out loud when I read this and though, "yup". Enjoy the rest of the weekend Kristine!!

YoungTeacherLove said...

Ha! Thank you ladies! So glad to know I am not alone. I may be kicking and screaming when my alarm goes off in the morning.

I {heart} Recess said...

I am taking a break from my last minute planning! Not only am I not ready for the week, I am not ready to go back either :) At least Christmas break is right around the corner!

I am your newest follower!

vicky1970 said...

Hi there,
Just poppin in to say hi. Hope your cyber Monday is awesome, I'm sure it is. I think it's been great for everyone. Gotta love sales.
Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

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