Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thanksgiving Math Games, Centers, Activities, and A November Currently Party

Happy Hump Day blog world! Did you have Election Day off? We had professional development meetings all day, but I am not complaining. This little lady got 'lots done!!

I wanted to update my loyal followers on my latest Thanksgiving products. They have been in my store for a bit, but I wanted to share with you too!

I blogged about my Thanksgiving Coordinate Graphs in a previous blog post. Click HERE to learn more about them!

My latest products came from a dire need for my kids to review the math concepts they need extra help with!

My Common Core Fall and Thanksgiving Math Centers and Activities Pack have been a life saver!

I have been using the activities in my guided math/math workshop rotations and for early finishers. One of my sweet girls asked if she could take home the fraction cards for extra practice after she finished her homework (are you dying right now??!!)  I made answer keys for these activities/centers to make life easier for all of you.  Parents also appreciate it so they know that their child is doing the work correctly.

Here are two of my fast finishers working on the  activity: 

I laminated the cards, sent them home with a parent to cut out (which is AWESOME by the way!), and let my kids use wet-erase markers. That way I can re-use them from year-to-year. Plus, the students don't feel like you're just giving them worksheets. Something about the pretty leaves, lamination and markers makes it just so much more fun. ;)

Here are the girls doing another activity which requires them to line up a series of decimals from least to greatest or greatest to least. 

Another activity my students completed was the "Color by Quotient" activity. It is an upper-el spin off of Color by Number. Perfect for morning work too! My students love doing these during indoor recess and I even let them tape them to the sides of their desks to dress out classroom up during the holiday season!

Also included in this packet are a number of different fraction activities with these SUPER adorable fraction turkeys:

AND writing algebraic expressions. We start algebra next week, but some of my high kids have been begging for more enrichment!

Here is the complete preview of these Thanksgiving Centers:

You can see more and check out a larger version of the preview by click HERE!

I've also uploaded a Thanksgiving version of my Persuasive Writing Pack!  Don't you just love this time of year??!!

 I will be back to share more about this pack, because we just started using it in our classroom today! My kids are loving this guy though: 

Click HERE to see a preview of this pack! 

Last, and most definitely not least...

I am linking up with Farley over at: 

...for her November Currently! 

Here's what I'm thinking...the first 2 people that comment on this post with your email, I'll send you either a copy of the Thanksgiving Persuasive Pack or the Thanksgiving Math Centers for free!! Just leave your email and your preference in your comment!! Thanks for reading!


Dana said...

I'd love the math centers! Love your site!

YoungTeacherLove said...

On its way! Thanks Dana!!!

A said...

I would love a copy of your awesome persuasive writing pack. I hope this posts because I have been having trouble with it. Your blog rocks!!

YoungTeacherLove said...

Thanks Amanda!! On its way! :)

Beach Lovin' Teach said...

Ahh just missed it! Your packs look wonderful!

YoungTeacherLove said...

Leave your email! You get one too! :) :)

Beach Lovin' Teach said...

Oh you are amazing! I'd love the math centers pack! It's Thanks so much! Can't wait to use it!

Anonymous said...

The math centers look great! Too bad I just missed the freebie. Keep up the great work that you do!

Mrs. Wells said...

Love your awesome ideas! You're a great inspiration


SCarroll said...

I'm bummed I missed my chance! I follow you on TPT to I always know when you have new items. Love the Math centers!

RealOCteachers said...

Just found your blog and I'm a new follower! :)

The REAL Teachers of Orange County

Anonymous said...

Would love a copy of your color by quotient Turkey page if it's still available.


Anonymous said...

Your ideas are wonderful -thanks for all your work

Making Memories said...

I love your ideas and your products! You have really motivated me and my students this year and I am thankful. I had two students stay after school and work with your games today because they needed extra review with fractions and ratios. Thank you for all of your hard work.

YoungTeacherLove said...

Thank you so much everyone. You don't know how much your kind comments mean to me! I appreciate them all so much. To know I am helping you teachers and your students EVEN A LITTLE BIT makes me so happy. Thanks so much for your comments and for reading!!! :)

Stevie B. said...

Love this! What font do you use for your titles and where did you find it? I love it and I can't seem to find it anywhere!

Amber Carlson said...

I want a laminator too, but I keep waffling back and forth about which one to buy! But I hear they are worth every penny!
Amber @ The Teacher Life

Elli Davis said...

Very inspiring, thanks a lot for sharing!

~Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh!! How did I miss this?? These centers would have been perfect. OY! Oh well, will still work...I will just tell them they are Christmas turkeys ;) On my wish list :)

Teaching in Room 6

ny venues said...

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