Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cyber Monday Shopping!

Sooo...was anyone brave enough to tackle Black Friday?? While driving home (in the snow/rain) from my parent's house on Thanksgiving, we saw Best Buy with a line WRAPPED AROUND THE BUILDING! Not to mention the mall near our home was open, on Thanksgiving!? Seriously. No thank you! I prefer to sit on my big blue couch in my super cozy home and shop via internet! I get to stay in my cozy jammies (a true sign of a teacher break!), coffee in hand and shop, shop, shop away!

I am SUPER excited for the Cyber Monday Sale on TpT!!! I have soo many goodies in my cart all ready to purchase! This year the site is extending the sale an extra day too! Two whole days of sales! YES PLEASE!!

As a special thank you to all my fabulous followers, I am also discounting my store an additional 20%, so buyers can purchase my products for 28% off! Here are some goodies you may need to get through the December blitz (as I like to call it!)

*Thanks to Ms. Ashley Hughes for this super adorbs button!

Christmas and Winter Themed Centers and Activities! Take a look at the contents and preview to see what's inside. We already did a fun color by product activity on Thanksgiving to get the holidays started!


Also a Miss Nannini staple! My Christmas Themed Coordinate Graph Mystery Pictures, and my Christmas Themed Persuasive Writing Pack (perfect for part 2 of our persuasive unit that I will be posting about soon!) I added a 5th picture to my Christmas/Winter coordinate graphs. The 5th picture is a simple gift/present with less coordinates to plot for differentiation in your classroom!


Also, being that after the holiday/winter break tends to be a time that we all like to kick it up a notch, if you haven't started tracking your students' data and assessing them with standards based assessments, browse my store to see grades 2-6 for ELA and Math binders with math assessments to boot! Click the pictures below to browse my store to find your grade level! Don't hesitate to ask questions if you need help!

Side note: **Great news to share!! I have been hearing your feedback and I appreciate it SO much! I have been going through and making changes to my products to make them better FOR YOU! Answer keys are being added as we speak to ALL assessments, and I have been reformatting the assessments to make the font clearer and increase the student work space. So, if you have already purchased my assessments, keep looking in the "My Purchases" section for the updates! If you haven't bought them yet, what are you waiting for! :) Oh yes, and ELA assessments are coming! (SHH!) I will make the BIG announcement when the date is closer but most definitely after the holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone, and HAPPY SHOPPING!!!


jonesyjl2 said...

Yea, I was hoping you would join in the sale fun. I already have several of your items in my shopping cart in preparation. Great stuff! I saw that you have 5th grade math cc homework, do you have 4th grade also? Or possibly in the works? Love your products.

YoungTeacherLove said...

Aww you're too sweet!!! I have had many requests for 4th grade homework, and I would LOVE to make 'em for you all! I am currently busting my butt to add answer keys to all the assessments. Hopefully I can start them after the holidays! Stay tuned!! :)

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